About BD Brown Communications

 At BD Brown Communications, we approach every project from the premise  that "Status Quo is not excellence." By examining how you utilize your technology, staffing and equipment resources, we will help you find practical solutions to implement growth and change in your business. We believe that every organization has the potential to do great things with the right tools. 

About the Founder/President

William “Bill” Brown is a technology consultant with 25 years of experience in the AV/IT and consulting fields. During his career, Bill realized most technology problems a business encounters only represent larger issues within their team. Though many do not yet realize it, issues like leadership, communication and organization hurt a business’s technology usage and overall performance. With this in mind, Bill opened BD Brown Communications. He helps you not only find the right technology to put you in front of the right clients, but also guides your company toward resolving in-house problems that make technology use more difficult. Bill has served clients like the Grandover Resort, Hanesbrand, Bookmarks NC, GlaxoSmithKline, Elon University and more! He has also spoken atevents  such as Infocomm, the CCUMC Annual Conference and various rotary clubs! He is happy to serve as your partner in technology for the visualization of your business.

When Bill isn’t getting your team better acquainted with one another and technology, he’s usually spending time with his wife and children, priding himself on being a family man first and ‘The A/V Guy’ second.

Who We Are

Our purpose is to create an environment for transforming individuals and organizations to inspire dialogue and to get people to freshly engage in technology.

Our mission is to make technology conversations a regular event that maximizes business growth

We value creativity, fun and excellence. We value collaboration, integrity and communication. We value diversity in terms of people and ideas. We value community, relationships and empowered end-user experience