8 Inspirational Things From #WDS2015 (World Domination Summit)

I'm still riding high off of the inspiration from the World Domination Summit in Portland and thought I would share a few more helpful, lifehack-ish pieces of information! I hope this will help you on your personal and professional journey as it is helping me:

1. Quit hanging out with lobsters.Stop hanging out with people who question your dreams and don’t support you.


2. Treat everyone like it’s their birthday. If you want to be awesome, you’ve got to be awesome to others. A related quote says: “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” In essence, be kind. The world will be a better place for it.


3. You can’t fix pain, but you can be with it. “When you try to fix someone’s pain, you don’t make it better. You just tell them it’s not okay to talk about their pain. The path of bearing witness is the true path of love.”


4. Find the question that resonates with you. How old were you when you realised that other people matter? Many people with healing-tendencies were under 10. For lawyers, a better question might be: how old were you when you realised that the world is an unjust place?


5. Believe in pronoia. Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It is to have the sense of a conspiracy being out to help and support the people.


6. Make yourself a promise and keep it. This was one of my biggest take-aways. If you have a friend who keeps bailing on you and don’t keep commitments – how long does it take for you to not trust that person? It works the same for ourselves. We build self-confidence by keeping our promises to ourselves.


7. Starting is the hardest part in any re-invention. Once we actually take steps, we are in motion and it gets easier. The summarized process is 1) Trust the dots to connect, 2) Start small & keep going, 3) Count on yourself. Repeat.


8. Derek Sivers talked about his journey and how to focus on making our customers

Be shockingly unique. People remember you for the things that make them smile. Go out of your way to make your customers happy. In Derek’s own words: “Anything less than “OMFG! Take all my money now!!”? Nope. Stop. Change. Write a different story.


Be inspired!