8 Photos Tell You Where Technology Is Headed. I Tell You How I Can Help!

Technology changes can be overwhelming, frustrating and time-consuming! Even when you're staying afloat taking care of business daily, opportunities could be whizzing by you. It costs money to be behind--even when you don't know you're last in the race!

These photos down below tell exactly where technology is heading so let's see these technology changes as opportunities, not headaches!

1. Planning to wait out the "mobile" trend and stick to your MO?


(Photo Credit: TwoDay Blog)

Mobile usage will only increase so instead of avoiding it, why don't you find ways to engage your customers the way they want to be engaged?

2. Business is booming for many entrepreneurs on the mobile web.


(Photo Credit: Apps1111)

Why are you stil only offering your products and services during face-to-face meetings? It's time you learned how to monetize your online presence!

3. The new Super Mom qualification: Tech savviness!


(Photo Credit: Slideshare)

Does your company service moms? Well, millennial moms are becoming technology pros! What technology can help increase the quality of their experience? The answer could be as simple as e-mailed thank you's and reminders or as complex as bringing in tablets to conduct point-of-sales services! Let us help you evaluate your target market to find unique opportunities such as this.

4. Teenagers Could Be Your New Clients---No Matter Your Current Target Market


(Photo Credit: Jalopnik)

As jaded as we think they are, teenagers are the future. They are sure to spend money, innovate and communicate better than any other group. Do your clients parent millennials? Are your clients millennials or are you trying to tap into this group? Let's decide what the best technology is for you to reach them!

5. Verizon Is Dropping Cell Phone Contracts


(Photo Credit: News United)

Did you know Verizon Wireless just cancelled the infamous 2-year contract? For companies, this is great news! Small businesses and start-ups especially require flexibility that a 2-year commitment cannot provide! If you're a company planning to provide smartphones to your team, this is the type of new information BD Brown Communications aims to always bring to the table! We want you to make technology decisions working with all of the facts!

6. Mobile Technology Increases SMBs Success & Bigger Than Just Smartphones


(Photo Credit: Constant Contact)

Mobile is saving small businesses money and earning them new clients! And guess what? "Going mobile" is bigger than cell phones! Let's work together to find the right apps that maximize your work experience, the right devices that make your processes more efficient and and the right communication plans to put it all in place!

7. Social Media Is Booming--But Are You Hip To The New, Most Effective Sites?


(Photo Credit: Tech4Pub)

Sure, you understand how big social media is. But are you hip to the ever-changing top consumer picks? YouTube videos still get clicks and likes but Vine videos get the most shares! LinkedIn's users are more likely to pay for LinkedIn Premium, so have you considered posting job offerings on the platform? You could cut your hiring process in half! BD Brown Commmunications creates conversations that give you information about technology trends and discussions what these trends mean for your company!

8. Surprise Surprise: Texting Is The Best Way To Reach Your Clients!


(Photo Credit: Slideshare)

Has your company or organization considered using official text messages to communicate with your clients? Many vet hospitals text clients when it's time to pick up their furry friends. Some restaurants text diners when their table becomes available! Some retail stores even text receipts to save on paper. Depending on the relationship you have with your clients, your text communications could be as simple as a "Thank You", "Happy Birthday" or "Reminder: Tomorrow, Your yoga appointment has been re-scheduled to tomorrow at 2 pm". Let's have a chat and discuss what the best text communications with your clients should be!

Opportunities, not headaches right? Give BD Brown Communications a call today!