College Kids Are Going Back To School..With The Periscope App!

The Back-to- School season is upon us! Though the college students have enjoyed summer gigs and long days at the pool, many working in the higher education system stayed on the job prepping for the upcoming fall semester. Many colleges install new technology or give old equipment some serious sprucing up so great devices await their incoming students. But students are bringing in their own technology and it might affect the classroom experience more than you think!

This year's fan-favorite is Periscope! It's a pretty cool app that lets you post clips in Instagram fashion but with the live component, similar to U-stream! Here are 5 things that will make a difference with students bringing the Periscope app to school

1. Talk to your students. Ask your students how they use Periscope and what value they see in using it.


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How else are you going to get the answers? It's all about the students (at least, it should be), so go straight to the source. Send out a brief survey via the school e-mail system or via your individual social media accounts! Test those waters and learn what your students are interested in!

2. Consider incorporating the Periscope app into the learning experience!


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The more technology is intentionally integrated into the classroom, the more authority your educators will maintain and the more embraced education will be by your students.

3. Create a plan.


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Why? Now that students can offer live video, this means professors are under an even finer microscope. Every assembly, lecture and speech will be at the mercy of live viewing. The best thing you can do with this understanding is to figure out how your institution can proactively respond. Maybe you want to begin incorporating Periscope into the lesson plan. Have teachers encourage students to livestream videos for social experiments or surveys. There are a number of ways to incorporate Periscope and embrace this new app. So have a plan.

4. Banning Periscope is NOT a plan.


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It will create more problems than solutions and your institution will spend more time punishing students than teaching them.

5. Communicate your plan.


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The better you communicate the plan, the better results you will garner from embracing this technology for the education experience. Let the educators know that banning the app is a waste of time and send out recommendations for how educators can incorporate the Periscope app into their classroom! Empower your instructors and let them know they can still maintain authority in their classroom while embracing the technology their students are undoubtedly using.

6. Just Relax.


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It's not the end of the world because Periscope (or anything else introduced this year) is being used by the kids. Technology is only going to move forward and get more complex so the best thing higher education institutions can do is get over it and get in front of the trend to avoid falling behind.

***BD Brown Communications wishes all our higher education friends a happy, productive and technology-friendly semester! If you would like any help or consultation about how to provide this type of environment for your students and faculty, then give us a call!