Finding your 'Why' in a 'STOP' moment...


Think a minute...

What are you fighting for? What drives you to get up for everything, each day, and participate in life? Recently, people like Simon Sinick and others have have labeled this work of self-discovery as ‘Finding Your Why'. Theoretically, with your ‘Why’ you can direct all your energy towards accomplishing anything you wish.

But, what if you pick a ‘Why’ and that ‘Why’ doesn't pick you? What if that ‘Why’ sounds good, but doesn't resonate with you deeply enough to do any good? You, my friend, have just reached a ‘STOP moment’. You see, a STOP moment is one that presents you with two choices; firstly, press on through hoping and praying things will work its way out or, secondly, go deeper with yourself and do as Brene Brown says- Do the work. This year I have decided to STOP. I will choose not to do things solely because “it's a good idea” or because others feel it's the right thing to do. Instead I will choose to do something because it resonates with my soul.

I commit to doing this with my clients as well; Allowing my business to help others navigate a STOP moment through conversations framed in Technology, Leadership, and Communications. While I strengthen my connection to my ‘Why’, I will assist leaders of businesses and organizations through the process towards creating their desired results. We will move from a mindset of have-to, to must-do. Let’s STOP so we can go beyond our wildest dreams.