#InfoComm15, #AVTweeps & The Customer Experience!

I'm excited to attend InfoComm this year--the nation's largest Pro-A/V conference! As always, I have a few expectations--particularly surrounding what us #AVTweeps should take home with us to our clients when we return! After all, every company there attends to ultimately increase the quality of their customers' experience, right? Maybe!


Currently, three primary ways of obtaining technology (particularly A/V) exist for customers. Each of these ways, which will be represented at InfoComm, have their own pros and cons.

1. Integrators: The integrators are the frontmen. They work with the manufacturers and distributers for you. They seek out, select and usually install the purchased equipment also!


(Photo Credit: Aciexperts)

Pros: You don't have to be as 'hands-on', as the integrators provide a full-service experience.

Cons: You risk installation that proves to be inadequate in the long run. Allowing integrators to take the reigns entirely boxes you out of the conversation, preventing you from communicating all of your firm's needs which might affect the installation process. Hiring integrators requires less work upfront, but can cause more headache if you don't luck up with one who will consult and consider you throughout the entire process.

2. Distributors: Distributors have access to and can provide you with endless equipment options! If you dislike one piece of equipment, then they can throw 5 more at your feet.


(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Pros: Options are a great thing and offer varying solutions.

Cons: Too many options can cause customer fatigue and eventually, equipment selection becomes more about speeding up the process than finding the appropriate fit for your business's needs. Also, because you cannot buy directly from distributors and must head to integrators to make a final purchase, this process can be unnecessarily elongated.

3. Manufacturers: You may head straight for manufacturers because they have the equipment you need handy!


(Photo Credit: HiFi Review)

Pros: You have just as many, if not more, options as you do with distributors. You also can cut out the middle man to speed up the process by going directly to your preferred brand!

Cons: Manufacturers often offer only large quantities in bulk prices, which can be an inconvenience if you're a small business.

My thoughts?

All of these options could stand immense improvement in terms of customer experience and interaction! I do hope that at this year's InfoComm, we discuss more about how to make the technology selection process a more quality customer experience that yields quality results! I hope we discuss more about fresher ways to involve customers in everything from product selection to purchase to installation! The more detailed and open we are throughout the ordeal, the higher the chances are that our clients will remain satisfied with our work and return to bring us more business!

Last year InfoComm took on the A/V Forward theme and I left feeling like our conversations, though pleasant, missed a few opportunities. This year, 'A/V Wow' is the new theme and I am hoping we all conclude InfoComm feeling empowered and with a desire to return home and 'Wow' clients with our attentive listening and encouragement of their active involvement! This will surely strengthen and sustain our Pro-A/V industry.

See you in Orlando!