Join The Club of Successful Failures!

I recently discovered the Club of Successful Failures and I’m ready to be 100% committed in my membership! A ‘successful failure’ is someone whose dreams failed many times before they achieved actual success. ‘Successful failures’ are not bad people. People like Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein and Walt Disney all failed several times before actually realizing their dream.
What has been keeping me more on the ‘failure’ side than the ‘success’ side is I’ve been making my journey more difficult by holding onto things I should have let go–investing money, time and emotions. I thought I was running from failure by holding on, yet I ran smack dab into it by gripping projects that were just beyond repair.
You see, I am an ideas man, a roll with the punches kind of guy. Anytime something isn’t working, I tweak it, rethink it or better yet come up with a brand new idea to sit on top of it that I believe will save everything. I should have been realizing that sometimes my grand idea lies beyond saving.
The sooner I just let go, the sooner I could move on to what I really should be doing.


I shut down the Technology Center of the Piedmont Triad once I realized this. Like others in the Successful Failure club, I had many missteps. I hired the wrong people like Steve Jobs. Like, Walt Disney, I surrounded myself with people who wrote my dreams off as crazy. Similar to Michael Jordan, I found myself near people who didn’t believe in me. Also, similar to these people, I have begun making the necessary changes to my circle and overall life that clear the pathway for me to be great. To be clear, I haven’t given up on the Big Dream. I simply believe it will happen in a very different way and with a very different circle.

I heard recently that perfect doesn’t exist; it’s all in our heads. The only way we can enjoy the good is to let go of the ‘perfect’. Now that I subscribe to this paradigm, I am free to pursue my dreams without making them meet impossible standards of ‘perfection’ ! I’m proud to become a successful failure because as Michael Jordan said,


Are you ready to join the club of Successful Failures?