Let's Rule The World #WDS2015!

I'm an 80's kid and huge fan of Tears for Fear--the band responsible for the song, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"! Growing up, I assumed the title of this song were true. It is pretty inspirational, after all...

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Full Video)

Because of songs like this (and my optimism, I guess), I also assumed everybody wanted to be the best or make a difference. Growing up showed me this is not always the case. At some point, I became content with simply "maintaining", as did others around me. Even if I was successful by others' measures, I knew I could be living a much more fulfilling life. Yet, there I sat--living small, making few waves and accepting status quo. I eventually pulled myself out of such a rut and have begun to feast my eyes on higher sights!

And my week in Portland, Oregon has skyrocketed those sights! I am at the World Domination Summit 2015, where my fellow attendees are just as bodacious as the conference name! These movers and shakers have ideas and are armed with love for people, compassion for their communities and gratefulness for the opportunity to do things that change lives!

I feel like Tom Cruise when he hop-scotched all over Oprah's couch in the name of love, passion and excitement, except for all of my elation centers the possibility of making a difference with the work that I do and life I live!


When the World Dominators come marching in, I do plan to be in that number. Technology is my niche and I'm positive the kind of consulting I bring to the table for my clients will not only help them to have a better office life but will better their lives altogether! Technology can certainly be a pain, but when made easier, it can be transformative! I intend to incite that type of positive change while providing my clients with a great, stress-free experience!

What about you and/or your organization? Do you want to dominate in ways that make a positive, lasting impact?

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P.S. Did I mention I met the Kid President? Yeah, more about that later...