My Technology Consulting Challenge with A/V

I started what I thought was an A/V job 25 years ago, working as an A/V (audiovisual) hotel technician. The hours seemed too long. The stress felt high and the pay was low. Setting up microphones, 35mm slide projectors and overhead projectors comes super easy to me but sometimes, the hotel staff clients and A/V owners made the job feel like a daily life or death situation. Actually, one A/V company owner I worked for who also owned a firearms business had some of my team transport some "supplies" to a warehouse on one of our slow days. Maybe that was life or death.But for the most part my stress-filled day included dried up flipchart markers, overhead lights blowing and the occasional slide or VHS tape jam (yes, VHS).


(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

Life was good until the computer made its way into the business conference meeting room. Everything changed. In this real life blind leading the blind era, our end users wanted to use this "new device" to present information but didn't know how. They depended on us and we didn't know what we were doing either. We did what we had to do to keep our jobs: When disruptive technology got introduced, we blamed the technology.

That worked for many years because the end user was still blind. Now, all that has mostly changed. Technology has advanced so quickly in so many areas of our lives, we feel forced to understand it, incorporate it or just have it around.

A/V has always been about "helping people or organizations get their message out." The main change over the years has been that the "toys" have gotten cooler which makes it hard to focus on the actual message anymore. When the A/V world was simply projectors, lights and microphones, getting that message out was much easier. Once technology advanced into computers, the end users' expectations remained the same--expecting a quick-fix answer to a much more complex device.

Today's A/V professional not only needs to understand the technologies available but also must understand how that technology assists their clients! This is why I do not always lead with A/V because there are more layers that I must understand before I just go inserting equipment and opinions!

If you have technology challenges, my consulting seeks to understand you, your needs and help you find practical solutions. In that order.

Let's talk and turn your experience with technology into a positive and progressive one!