Technology Woes: When the "Plan" Trumps A Solution

You're going on vacation you have been planning it for the better part of the year. You mapped out your route and set aside the resources you need. The friends and family you invited are packed up and belted into the car, excited about the fun times that surely lie ahead. As soon as you hop on the road you notice a few potholes. No big deal. You continue on and begin seeing detour signs. Still, you press on--excited about the fun route you planned and wanting to stick it out.

Now the passengers in your car start encouraging you to turn around but you press because your this ride was supposed to be a portion of the fun part! Then it happens: the road ends.


Now, you start to question yourself for planning this trip in the first place and wish you listened to the other people in your vehicle. But it's too late for 20/20 hindsight. The car is low in gas. None of the GPS's in the car work because you guys traveled too far out of the cell phone service vicinity. You friends and family are sitting in angered silence because they told you to turn around miles ago.


Now what are you going to do?

This faux scenario is what I witness when I work with my real clients who call me to solve their technology woes. Usually, they call me when a fire breaks out in the office and once I put the fire out and begin my investigation? I find they had warning signs all along. From their staff. Investors. The budget. The workload. Their clients. All signs pointed to, "Maybe you don't have the manpower to handle that right now" or "This technology may not be the best solution for you".

But these clients push forward anyway, like a driver who is more committed to sticking to his exact route than he is about getting to any real destination. Coming up with a solution for yourself, your team and your clients has to take precedence over sticking to any "plan" created.

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