There's an App For Everything!

"There an app for that!"

It seems neither me nor my Facebook friend were aware of just how true that statement-turned-meme has become! You see, he's a bird watcher. I know it's cool, right? I actually know someone who watches birds as a hobby! Anyway, he watches birds and posted about wanting an app similar to the Shazam app that I blogged about yesterday! His app would register a bird's call when he's out and about and then provide all the information that any bird watcher would want to know! It sounds pretty cool, right?

I cheered Evan on in my head for a minute because I thought he really had a million dollar idea there! But then the "There's an app for that" moment happened!

So apparently, this app already exists and Evan's going to need a new million dollar idea for the days to come. It's so funny just how huge the 'app' business has become. Who knew smart phones, tablets and computers would open up and segway into the other virtual world that is 'App stores' and 'Play Stores'? There are apps for learning body language, finding out the cool things going on in your city, booking hotels, playing bingo, slashing fruit (uh, yeah!) and---bird calls!

Lol. Bird calls. Go figure. There's actually an app for that and it's called 'Warblr'.

Maybe next time Evan!

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There's an app for everything. : )