These 4 Apps Will Make Travel Cooler


Spring is coming closer and closer and it's normally when families everywhere book their summer vacations! And guess what? There's a bit of tech out there created to make those travel plans go much smoother than they have in the past! With my daughter graduating high school in June, I've got my own fair share of music festival and abroad trips to plan and pay for! Lol, my pockets are shrinking as we speak! As I do my travel planning, I'm learning about all kinds of tools to help me and I've even learned about some technologically advanced vacation plans that I'd like to try soon! Review my list of three cool pieces of technology for vacation and travel:


We all know how much of a hassle it can be dealing with the airport. The MyTSA app is going to make your airport travel so much easier! Pocket this travel app to keep up with all luggage requirements, weather, check-ins and flight information!


Looking for a unique lodging experience and want to try to catch a great deal? The Air BnB app is the coolest app on the market that connects you with people and places to stay at virtually any destination you choose. You handle the communication with your hosts via AirBnB and socal media outlets. AIR BNB handles the money to ensure that all parties are satisfied and treated fairly! With Air BnB, you have hotel alternatives like cabins, tree houses, beach houses and even castles! I'm planning to take a trip using the Air BnB app this summer!

Now App

Once you and your traveling buddies are all settled in at your destination, you no longer have to depend on just the hotel concierge to tell you about the coolest activities around! If you're up for a little spontaneity, then the Now app helps you search real time events and locations via social media updates from all over the world! Check the 'Now app' to see what parties, gatherings, festivals and shows are taking place right in the moment!

Uber app

Out and about sightseeing and then need a lift? The Uber app exists to help you immediately lock down a ride to your next destination! The Uber drivers, unlike some cabbies, are actually people who live near your current location that have signed up to be on call and drive folks where they need to go!

BONUS: Did you know that the Royal Caribbean cruise line now has a 'smart' ship called Quantum of the Seas? They have robots for waiters, on deck skydiving and bumper cars! Oh, and you can also do THIS on the ship:

Quantum of the Sea

Cool right!? Technology is making vacations cooler and cooler!